Whether you like it or not spring fashion has started to brighten our stores in Australia. Personally I love the colours that are coming out! but it seems the fashion world are taking a different approach to the season with pairing stripes with floral prints and neons and double deniming is major!! . I know my style is taking more risks with the spring fashion approaching.

Here are my essential items for the spring season, I hope you enjoy 🙂

1. Printed Pants



when I first set my eyes on these beauties I knew they had to come home with me. They are a stretchy material so are HELLA comfy. The print is amazing i love it!

Outfit details:

Jacket- Autograph Fashion

Top- City Chic

Pants- Autograph Fashion

accessories (ring)- City Chic

Shoes- Kmart

2. Prints with Stripes

I would have never thought to put stripes with a neon print top but I actually love the look I was inspired by a dress I seen in suzannegrae.


spring fashion 2013, is all about rule breaking, forget those ‘rules’ with fashion and just have fun with it and mix your neons and stripes together!


Outfit Details:

Jacket: City Chic

Top: City Chic

Skirt: City Chic

Accessories: ICE (picked up a neon yellow necklace for 3 bucks! BARGAIN! )

Shoes: FSW

3. Printed jacket

A printed floral jacket can be found everywhere at the moment such an amazing trend i love! I’m not usually a major floral fan but I love it on the jacket! Just keeping it simple with a plain white top and some lightened jeans.



Outfit Details:

Jacket: Autograph Fashion

Jeans: Forver21 Plus

Top: Crossroads

Accessories: City Chic

Shoes: Kmart

4. Double Denim


that’s right you heard me right! double deniming is back and I gave it go and with some neon!



I tried it with a darker shaded jean on the bottom and lighter shade up the top!

Outfit Details:

Top: City Chic

Jeans: Forever21 Plus

necklace: ICE ( again 3 bucks woohoo!)

Bracelet: City Chic

Shoes: Spend-Less-Shoes

And there you have it the low down on what’s on trend for Spring 2013.

Budget Concious? I’ve got your back gurlfriend!

being a uni student I like to hunt for a bargain, if you are budget concious I have suggested some little things you can do to your wardrobe to be on trend for spring 2013. spring 2013 is all about stripes, neons, denim, and prints!



The stripe cardigan is from Autograph Fashion! and is currently on Sale for $19.99 did someone say BAAAAARGAIN! and also the neon scarf I picked up also from autograph Fashion and very low $4.99 i never used to be a neon fan, but im loving it even in my casual outfits!

If you’re a little bit scared of making the huge statements with the neons this spring why not start off with some baby steps. TRY an orange lip colour, or neon pink to brightened up your outfits.


And that’s it from me this week… because i’m off to go work on my tan in Bali! yaaaaaaay

Hope you enjoyed this week blog thanks for reading!


xx A La Curvy


5 thoughts on “Spring Fashion 2013

  1. Love that last pic of u blowing a kiss, you are simply stunning! And my fave outfit of yours is double demin. i have no idea why double denim is supposed to be a no no especially when it looks so good!

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