So a couple of weeks ago I was notified by the people over at marketing from boohoo.com that they were launching their plus size range. Like every fashion loving girl when I see the boohoo.com ads on the tele my response is a massive sigh to the on trend clothes, but once I found out that boohoo.com were finally joining the curvylovers train I got on board and was so excited to check it out. 

I have to point out that this post is not sponsored and all items that I have purchased from boohoo.com were from my own money, I am simply just a plus size fashion fan girl. 

So I ventured off into the boohoo.com plus size site to check out what they have, I was really surprised at the amount of on trend items they have it was almost like a ASOS curve vibe. I decided to pick an item that wasn’t going to burn a hole in my pocket if it wasn’t going to fit or if I simply didn’t like it. I suggest to people that are on a budget to do this, especially if you’re just trying out a brand for the first time and want to get a feel of how the brand uses materials and the shape of their items. 

So it turns out, boohoo.com plus are freaking amazing! The skirt that I received fits like a dream and the colour is just uh mazzzzzing! I must be honest I didn’t have high hopes as the price of my item was only $25 I wasn’t expecting it too fit. 

How does the sizing work?!

So after I posted the pic of my new boohoo.com skirt on my Instagram for those who missed it check it out here  there was a few questions about the sizing and here’s how I figured out my size. 



The top picture was taken from the City Chic website size guide and the second picture on the bottom was taken from the boohoo.com plus size sizing guide. 

My advice to you is choose a shop that you shop at frequently whether that be ASOS curve, Autograph etc and use their sizing guide and compare your measurements. 

So for me I wear a size Medium or size 18 at City Chic and which linked up almost to the size 22 for the Boohoo Plus range. The skirt has a little stretch in it so it is stretchy but in a way that it hasn’t lost its shape or felt like it was daggy. 

Now all the boring stuff is out of the way lets see some photos! I have styled my skirt three ways to show the versatility of it. Hope you enjoy and make sure to let me know your experiences with boohoo.com as i’d love to see you rocking your purchases! 

Look 1 Casual



As you all probably know I do have an obsession with hip hop culture and that does venture out into my everyday casual style. 

Outfit Details

Tee Shirt – ASOS curve 

Skirt – Boohoo.com (Available here!

Shoes – Kmart 

Necklace & Bangles – City Chic 

Earrings – Kmart 

Bag – Overseas markets 


Look 2 Going Out



I just love the colour of this skirt and how the design can take you from a casual day look to a cocktails with the girls or a date with your hot lover. 

Outfit Details 

Top – City Chic 

Skirt – Boohoo.com ( Available Here!

Shoes – Spend-Less-Shoes ( Available Here!


Look 3 Work. 


Keep it simple with a blazer up top for a more appropriate look for the office. The skirt has stretch and even though it has the cross over split at the front I never felt like I wasn’t exposed or with the breath of a wind it was going to expose my bridget jones’s. It kept its place very well I wore it to work for a 5 hour shift and for those that don’t know I work in retail and am forever reaching up and down and bending and never felt like my legs were too exposed or uncomfortable. 

Outfit Details 

Singlet top – City Chic 

Blazer – City Chic 

Skirt – Boohoo.com ( Available here!

Shoes – Target 

Watch – Prouds the Jewelers. 


Xx Alacurvy


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