So myself, I don’t actually own too many designer bags, I know when to spend my quality money on things I define as investment pieces. But other then that I love a good bargain or dupe, something that works just as well at the fraction of the price. I guess you could say my inner commerce nerd is coming out in this post but sometimes I just can’t justify spending thousands on something that I could easily leave on the bus, for myself personally I would rather spend that money putting a deposit down on an apartment or house and investing in a more long term asset. But hey before I bore you to sleep with ma commerce let me get into the dupes!


First dupe is the Chanel quilted shoulder bag.


I was first introduced to the Chanel shoulder bag when I was watching ‘The Hills’ (LC for the win!) but I think its pretty clear that Lauren Conrad is the Queen of the Chanel shoulder bag, she really does rock it with class with a side of trendy edge. Here is where you can find a similar bag for a fraction of the price.


Designer bag – Chanel 

Cheaper option – ASOS.com


Second dupe is Céline luggage tote bag.


nearly every celebrity owns a Céline these days, just a classy nicely structured bag which has caught the eye of so many celebrities.

Where to buy the dupe



Designer bag – Céline bag

Cheaper option – Dailylook.com bag


Third dupe is the one and the only the Hermès birkin bag.


seriously do I need to say more? this bag is probably one of the most popular designer bags and it comes with a price tag with some of the bags coming to $200,000 plus! yep! whaaaaaat!


Where to buy



Designer bag – Hermès birkin bag.

Cheaper option – Colette tote bag 


BUT if you’re like c’mon Jess I want the real thang, i’ve got your back! I have done some researching and found a 52 week saving plan to help us budget minded chickas out. The way it works is, its a 52 weeks savings plan so for example for week 1 you put $1 away week 2 you put $2 … week 33 you put $33 and so on eventually you’ll end up with $1,378 in the bank to buy whatever goodies you have in mind!

click here for a printable version to keep track of your savings over the 52 weeks!


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X x A La Curvy





2 thoughts on “Designer handbag dupes

  1. Such a good post Jess!! I love a good designer dupe! I think the most I’ve ever spent on a bag is a $50! I am a cheapskate. I also love that savings plan. A friend told me about a few months ago. We are going to start this week.

    • Awesome glad you love it! I’m the same and it’s a really easy savings plan even if you wanted to do it and save up money for your Christmas shopping it’s a good guide to follow 🙂 xx

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